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My Allee family

This site is dedicated to my wife Frances, our children, Timothy, David and Michelle and our grandchildren, Cherie, Cierra, John, Derek and Michael, also great granddaughter Lindsey and great grandson Landon.

We will share our story, when two lives merge.

To know where you are going, it is good to know from where you came. My ancestry goes back to Virginia, the earliest documented ancestor is Nicholas, then his son David, his son Buford, his son Thomas, his son Nathaniel his son William, his son Lando and then me (James).

Frances ancestry starts with Tome Ramalho from Praina do Norte, Pico Island, Azores, his son Antonio da Terra Pereira, his son Mateus da Terra, his son Manoel da Terra, his son Antonio Jose da Terra, his son Francisco Jose da Terra, his son Francisco Jose da Terra 2nd.,his son Francisco Jose da Terra 3rd. (Frank Joseph Terry), then Frances, On her mother's side the ancestry goes back 1800 years to the Roman emporer Constantine.

Wedding, Sept.21, 1957

This site is under construction and will be updated on a regular basis, return periodically to check up on us and see what we are doing.

The story below is how we met, the picture to the right was taken on Sept. 21, 2007, while celebrating our 50th. wedding anniversary.

This is my story, I was shy and bashful and was sort of a loner. When visiting my parents on March, 31 1956, I was asked by a friend if I would like to go out on a double date. I agreed and when we went to pick up my date at her grandfather's dairy, this gorgeous 16 year old girl came out of the house, she had black hair, beautiful brown eyes and an olive complexion and she was going out with me! As fate would have it the other couple had to cancel, so Frances and I went out alone, We spent hours discussing what we wanted out of life and by the time I took her home I was convinced this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That day changed my life forever. We began going steady on Aug. 25, 1956, became engaged on Dec. 24, 1956 and were married Sept. 21, 1957.

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